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Praised for its usability, inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is even faster to deploy, learn, and use than its predecessors. inRiver Product Marketing Cloud supports operational excellence for marketing organizations by offering a multi-tenant, single-point of access SaaS that speeds time-to-market for all products and channels.




Three Ways inRiver Can Help Customers Find Your Products

To take advantage of new customer habits, you must ensure that your products are findable through online search engines. Here are three tips to help make that happen.

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Software-as-a-Service is Not Just Your Software Running on Someone Else's Server

Many industries are going through a shift from traditional one-time sales to products being provided “as a service." There is more to this than just switching from a perpetual license to a...

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Three Reasons “Brand” is No Longer a Key to Success

We would argue that brand loyalty and the importance of brand, in general, is diminishing. According to McKinsey Research only 13% of customers are “loyalists” who do not shop around.

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12-15 September 2017, Chicago (US)
19-22 September 2017,
Malmö (Sweden)
7-10 November 2017,
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
5-7 December 2017,
Chicago (US)


19-20 September 2017, Malmö (Sweden)
11-12 October 2017, 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

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