Detail Online is officially part of the only digital-first PIM

Inriver is a digital-first product information management (PIM)™ solution that closes the loop and creates an iterative process for managing product information. After the successful acquisition of Detail Online by inriver in January 2021, the service from Detail Online remains the same and is now available as “inriver Evaluate”.

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find sales threats in e-commerce and turn them into opportunities

With inriver Evaluate, you have data-driven insights about your product information’s performance across all your touchpoints. Through constant, smart monitoring of customer interactions, you see what’s working and what’s not. Clear, actionable guidance helps you drive conversions, grow your revenue, and eliminate the guesswork.

inriver Evaluate overview

Our AI-powered smart search technology keeps an eye on how your products are displayed, if you are inspiring your customers and ensures they are converting. 

Access your engagement intelligence dashboard directly from inriver – no need to switch between systems. The dashboard gives you graphic visibility and lets you drill down for comprehensive insights. The actionable guidance makes it easy for you to act, ensuring your changes or enhancements hit the mark. 

Gain a first-mover advantage by having inriver Evaluate, Enrich, and Syndicate all within the same platform.

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