Sana Customer Summit: Trails to Transformation

Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2024 ∙ 14:00

The Sana Customer Summit unlock the hidden potential of your Sana Commerce tool. This immersive event gathers industry Sherpas, product pioneers, and fellow Sana Commerce trekkers for a day of discovery, inspiration, and growth.

During this virtual event, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to Joakim Gavelin, Senior Principal Advisor at inriver, as he leads this session:

What new legislations mean for your product data and how to adopt to new requirements and enable the transition to a circular economy:

Starting in 2024, several new legislations from the European Union and the US will impact the transparency and sustainability of supply chains. These regulations will introduce complex dimensions and requirements related to product information. Brands and manufacturers must be prepared for these changes. Joakim Gavelin will guide you through the details of these transformative new legislations, explaining their implications for your business and providing insights on how to prepare and navigate them effectively.

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  • Joakim Gavelin

    VP Digital Shelf Services

    Joakim has over 25 years experience in people, sales and business management, helping brands and business increase their presence, sales and profit. With deep knowledge in retail sales and intelligence to consumer behavior to global sales, he is familiar with both B2C and B2B - no matter the size, industry or location of company.

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