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Experience the Power of the Perfect PIM Solution at NeoCon.

At NeoCon, the premier event for the industry, the inriver team is excited to walk the floor and explore the latest trends. We understand the importance of a robust product information management (PIM) solution in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why we want to share how the right PIM solution can revolutionize your digital shelf, drive maximum profits at every touchpoint, and cultivate that invaluable customer love.

With inriver, you’ll discover an industry-leading PIM solution that goes above and beyond mere enrichment and syndication. Our comprehensive offering sets a new standard in the market, providing you with a complete solution that caters to all your PIM needs. Join us at NeoCon to learn firsthand how Inriver empowers businesses like yours to unlock their full potential.”

Customer spotlight story: Ethan Allen

Read how Ethan Allen turned to inriver PIM to provide a flexible data model and help centralize all product information across the company.

PIM + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and Machine Learning are some of the hottest buzzwords in commerce, but what do they have to do with your PIM (product information management) solution, and how could they help your business?