Van de Velde wears PIM

Van de Velde is a Belgian clothing company that designs, produces and markets luxury women's lingerie across three continents.vandevelde

Historically, Van de Velde's structured item data were kept in our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The information, which was stored on multiple servers or in hard copy format, lacked structure and was difficult to access.

"We now have a single, integrated system for structured data, text data and digital assets. Thanks to InRiver's PIM system, we know that our information is both accurate and consistent. In the long run, we'll use this system to populate at least eight unique sales channels, including four websites, along with our sales brochures and our Rigby & Peller retail stores.

This solution is useful for companies such as ours that stock a large number of different products. The system is extremely flexible and enables users to separate different types of data, according to their requirements. The more sales channels we add, the more effective the system will become, as the data input workload effectively stays the same, regardless of how many channels we have. In the past, uploading information to a new channel could take a week or two. Now, a new website can be populated in a matter of hours."


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