inriver spendrupsSpendrups is a brewery with 900 dedicated employees and with total sales SEK 3,3 bn. It is a family company, founded in 1897.

The Spendrup family with Fredrik Spendrup as CEO and Ulf Spendrup as vice CEO among others, is today very active in the company.

Spendrups unite strong traditions with innovations. Today, the fourth generation of Spendrup works at the company and many employees have worked with us for decades.

Together, we deliver beverages to suit all occasions – beer, cider, soft drinks, juice, water, wine, spirits and coffee. We have strong brands, such as Spendrups, Norrlands Guld, Mariestads, Heineken, Loka, Schweppes, El Coto and Gallo.

Spendrups Brewery aspires to develop Swedish beverage culture. This means that we put great emphasis on developing new beverages and spreading awareness of beverages and how to get the best out of their flavours.