Procurator procures with PIM

Procurator is a Swedish B2B company that provides a comprehensive range of products for everyday use to the Nordic industrial and public sector markets.Procurator logotype

Having automated a number of steps for managing the product information, Procurator can today keep track of what information is needed or should be completed, as well as relations between products and assets. Procurator has now, with the combination of system solutions, flexible possibilities for displaying product information, solutions and offers to customers.

"It is easy to adapt our product information, making our website more searchable – enabling customers to find what they need more quickly. We must also have a strong tool for managing our product range. Our challenge lies particularly within finding the discrepancies in the product information. Even with 30.000 products, we must have control over the entire product range, and inRiver PIM offers strong capabilities for searching and finding the discrepancies in the product information".

Kristian Grönvall, Marketing Director, Procurator AB

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