Sacha is a European multinational with 69 stores spread across five countries.

Sacha is the brand name under which the shops of the family Termeer, since 1909, conquer the world. The brand, Sacha, has its own and innovative view on fashion. This makes the company unique and not-for-basics.

Fans of Sacha are ”young at heart” where age is secondary to lifestyle. They are not afraid to make a statement with their appearance and style choice. This self-conscious target group are the height of their life and are open to new ideas. They are adventurous enough to seek boundaries only to choose their own path. Sacha fits perfectly into this lifestyle.

Sacha needed a solution that would boost agility, streamline internal processes and make it easy to deliver accurate product information efficiently, and selected inRiver for this.

Success story

“inRiver PIM has delivered considerable time savings. Because we’re using a single system for all product information, we have shorter lead times and a faster time to market. Plus, it’s fast and easy to implement new sales channels.”

Anouk Nelissen, E-commerce Manager, Sacha