LK Group

LK Group needed to streamline the process for feeding product information into marketing material. While they are experts in their own business, they needed expert help in digital channeling.

Using inRiver has boosted efficiency and accuracy. The user-friendly PIM system draws data from the ERP, creating a single source of up-to-date product information.

The result is smart collaboration. Product Managers oversee information in the PIM, and Marketing Managers use it for all channels. There’s no duplicated effort, and everyone is confident they’re using correct and consistent information.

About LK Group: The LK Group consists of 15 companies, operating internationally within the Heating, Plumbing and Shipping industries as well as support businesses in real estate management and finance. The group has over 380 employees, six business areas and products which are increasingly sold in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

Success story

“We are experts at what we do, and now we do it even better. Product managers now input data into the system and marketing people make sure it reaches the right channels”
Reidun Stålberg, Marketing Communications Specialist, LK Group.