Key Industrial

Key is part of the Manutan Group, a leader in the supply of industrial, commercial and office equipment to businesses for 40 years.

Working closely with 25 subsidiaries in 18 countries we are able to bring you the best possible product selection and competitive prices.

Manutan has a strong presence in the UK. Its other UK subsidiaries are Ironmongery Direct and Rapid Racking. Rapid Racking is a specialist in the supply of racking, shelving and storage equipment. Key and Rapid Racking often work closely together to provide customers with the storage solutions that best fit their needs.

With 22,000 SKUs across 24 product categories, Key, needed to find a faster, smoother way to continuously update product information. The choice fell on inRiver.

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Success story

“Everything’s better with inRiver. We have a user-friendly product information source for our content team to manage, and it’s easier for them to manipulate the data and check consistency across product categories. We can export product data in a way that really takes advantage of new functionality in our website. The tool is very flexible and we can export data directly in the way the web structure needs it”
Victoria Vaughan, E-commerce Manager at Key.