Ellos, one of the largest e-commerce and mail-order retailers of fashion, home and interior, electronics and beauty products in Northern…

Ellos, one of the largest e-commerce and mail-order retailers of fashion, home and interior, electronics and beauty products in Northern Europe, has selected inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for a faster time-to-market.

Having handled product information and resources in various systems – both in-house built and commercial systems – for some time, Ellos decided for a major system overhaul to reach a new efficiency for creating and updating product information in all channels. Selling well-known brands and own branded products online and through mail-order, Ellos needed a more efficient way of handling the creation and management of products for all channels, both digital and printed. The company also wanted to significantly shorten the time spent on updating the extensive product range by making the product enrichment process more efficient and much simpler for the people working with the product information.

Deciding for a major system overhaul and having researched the market for solutions to the information management challenge, Ellos selected inRiver PIM to become the single source of product information for all channels:

“We realized that the time we spend on creating or updating a product in our channels is simply too long since we have to look for information in various systems and sources and update the information separately for each channel. We needed a solution that would be the single source for all product information for all channels, but at the same time integrate easily with other systems while still maintaining a flexible data model. After researching the market, we concluded that inRiver PIM was the right solution for us. We are expecting to achieve a smoother and more efficient flow in our work, making the handling of product information both faster and easier for our product managers and getting our products published and updated much faster in all our channels. We are right now stabilizing the new system landscape, testing everything and migrating all the data and information, and are aiming to go live with PIM and the new system landscape in August 2016,”, said Björn Svensson Andrén, PIM System Owner, Ellos.

“We are thrilled to support Ellos with speeding up the product information process, and look forward to seeing the company achieve a faster time-to-market. Handling a large and varied product range with excellent time-to-market is a challenge many retailers face, but handling the product information in a PIM usually sees major gains in matter of time and efficiency. We are excited to be a part of Ellos’s journey to efficiency” said Mattias Eriksson, Sales Director UK & Strategic Accounts, inRiver.


About Ellos
Ellos was founded in 1947 as a retailer and mailorder company. Having developed into one of Northern Europe’s largest mailorder/e-commerce retailers, Ellos Group now owns three well-known Nordic brands Ellos, Jotex and Stayhard. Ellos has about 800 employees and a revenue of 1,9 billion SEK in 2014 (203 million EUR, 225 million USD), and is owned by the Sweden-based venture capital company Nordic Capital. To see more on Ellos and its products, go to www.ellos.com