Motoral Oy produces top quality product information with PIM

Motoral OyMotoral Oy is a wholesaler for car and heavy vehicles accessories, spare parts, tools, chemical products,  and lubricants.

The company wanted to introduce a new e-commerce solution and new online sales and marketing channels while facing the situation of handling around 400 product providers, a rapidly changing portfolio of 30.000 items sorted into 16 different categories in the product range, a large network of resellers, and more than 70% of all orders coming in electronically. Motoral looked for a solution that provided ease of use without extensive training for the people actively working with the management of product information. The solution also had to have flexibility and simplicity when integrating to other systems, as well as the possibility to extend and modify the internal processes of the solution to fit the constantly developing business needs of Motoral.

Today, Motoral has achieved a consistently high quality of product information across several channels, significantly reduced the time-to-market for new products and significantly reduced the workload related to product management.

Implementing PIM has brought significant results for Motoral:

Our e-commerce site has 11 separate catalogs for different lines of business, with a total of 22.000 items - all of them are maintained in real time” says Henri Ström, Development Manager, Motoral Oy.

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