Lindex communicates uniformly with customers in all channels

Lindex is now using inRiver’s PIM platform for producing and managing the content for activities and product information. Staff know that the products are updated with the latest information, whether they are ready for release, which channels they are made available in, and if the content has been translated or not. Using PIM has made it possible to unify product information for all channels.

Lindex logotypeWith inRiver’s PIM platform Lindex has the tools in place for scaling up and managing more markets in an easy way. With inRiver, Lindex has seen significant improvement in:

  1. Quality – always correct and updated product information, translated and available in a single source
  2. Time – Easy to find latest approved material for all involved since the information is located in inRiver
  3. Uniformity – naming of images and products follows conventions, with all products now called the same in all channels, making it easier for staff to find everything

Read the full story in the downloadable document!

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