Groupe BMR Inc

inRiver Groupe BMR IncFounded in 1967, Groupe BMR inc. is a subsidiary company of La Coop fédérée that regroups 350 home renovation centers and hardware stores in Québec, Ontario, the Maritime Provinces and the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands. Annual retail sales for member of Groupe BMR inc. are estimated at 1.7 billion dollars and some 8,000 people work in bannered stores. Groupe BMR is the second largest player in the renovation sector in Québec and operates under the BMR, Unimat and Agrizone banners.

More than 200 employees work at the head office and in the Groupe's warehouses. The dealers/members employ, more than 4,500 permanent employees.

The BMR dealers are independent entrepreneurs who become partners of Groupe BMR inc. on a voluntary basis. Their expertise in building materials and hardware plus an excellent knowledge of their respective markets enables them to offer their clientele, consumers as well as contractors, a highly personalized service. Their partnership with Groupe BMR inc. provides the dealers/members with real competitive advantages to the satisfaction of all their customers.