Five in five: stories of modern commerce

the newest content concept from inriver

Introducing our series Five in five: stories of modern commerce, featuring visionary leaders and inriver customers. These are not case studies. They are stories of individuals, and of how they see and contribute to the industry.

What makes this series unique? Hear firsthand from other inriver customers on topics such as:

All in just five simple questions in five minutes.

Get a glimpse into what today’s leaders think, how they achieved their success, and their vision for the future. Spend five minutes with us – it’ll give you new insights into modern commerce, we promise.

Want to be interviewed for the next episode of Five in five? Let us know.

Five in five with Francesca Novelli at Prysmian Group
Our inaugural episode, featuring Francesca Novelli from Prysmian Group
Episode #2, featuring Ramon Delgado at AkzoNobel
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