inRiver finjaFinja Betong AB was born in 1957 in a gravel pit in Finja in the south of Sweden.
From the very outset it was clear that little Finja was endowed with a strong
entrepreneurial spirit. It soon grew into a thriving family business that would
prove to be as enduring, strong and sustainable as all the products we have
processed and developed over the years.

We are still a Swedish, family owned business, but we have grown since 1957.
Today, with the help of 600 co-workers all around Sweden, our annual sales
are 1.3 billion Swedish kronor, and we have our sights set firmly on continued
growth. We reinvest in new production plants and are constantly developing new
products and finding new markets. Despite our size we still react with the speed
and efficiency of the “little” company from which we grew.