Enjoy Wine & Spirits

inRiver enjoy wine & spiritsEnjoy Wine & Spirits is one of the largest wine suppliers on the Swedish alcohol market and we have more than 25 years experience of wine trading. This is, of course, the outcome of dedicated and hard work, but we would also like to emphasize the importance of having a good relationship with Systembolaget, the Swedish retailing monopoly. To be able to act strategically, it is of decisive value to have an ongoing dialogue with the Purchasing department. And we do. Our position and well-known reputation is an acknowledgement of that.

Enjoy Wine & Spirits is a part of Gruppo di Luca, a group of two different companies with a total turnover close to 100 million Euro. Our sister company, Di Luca & Di Luca, deal with food and deliver to all the large wholesalers. This means lots of synergies, advantages and strengths, and it also makes Enjoy Wine & Spirits prepared for a transition into a possible free market, particularly when it comes to the task of logistics and access to a network of key people.

When first starting the wine business, our name was Enosvezia, and we did only Italian wines. Since 2005, we have actively been working to broaden our portfolio. Consequently, during 2009, we have been able to offer carefully selected wines from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Lebanon, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA.