Coop Sverige AB keeps a complete overview over customer experience with PIM

Coop Sverige ABBeing already multi-channel and aiming to provide their members and customers with a seamless shopping experience, Coop wanted a new and stringent handling of product information and product images for all their channels.

With their members connecting with them via their mobile app, website, email, in-store member portals, and mailed communication, Coop Sverige AB wanted to be able to provide the best possible information to their members and create a much faster and proactive dialogue with them.

”We have over 1000 offers available at any point in time that we personalize for our members. To be able to do this, we of course need a PIM. We also want to display product images and information in a consistent manner in all channels - from self-service checkouts and member portals in the stores to our website and our app - which is something we can do now with inRiver PIM.” says Jonas Taube, Advertising Manager, Coop Sverige AB.

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