Coop Norge

COOP NorgeCoop Norge manages a diverse range of non-food products spanning building
supplies, interior decoration, and lawn care. When the division decided to develop
an e-commerce site, they determined that they needed additional product information for publishing online.

“We found that we needed to have more product information across all our B2B and B2C channels,” explained Therese Boger, Campaign and Product Information Manager at Coop Norge Faghandel. “That included the posters in the shops, the direct marketing, the webshops and the B2B webshop. Our product information needed to be consistent across all of these channels.”

By deploying inRiver PIM, Coop has now enriched 40,000 SKUs for 12,000 products, with the goal of reaching 60,000 SKUs by the end of 2017.

A single team now writes all the product descriptions and stores them with relevant images in the inRiver PIM system, streamlining communication across all channels. Teams filter information by channel so they can view just the information that is relevant to their task. This means that the website, posters, leaflets, and catalogs are all consistent with respect to product information and messaging, and that teams have the exact information they need to enable peak productivity. It is now a seamless process that extends to the external advertising agency, simplifying brand management.

The team is very pleased with the flexibility that inRiver offers, especially when addressing a large range of product types. “We have everything from nails and hammers to lawnmowers, but in inRiver, it is easy for us to set up different information for different types of products—that is of great value to us.” Quantitatively, the team has also seen results. “We do more with the same number of people. We now offer a lot more product information to many more channels and we haven’t had to increase staff. It has changed the organization quite a bit,” said Boger.

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