Beijer Electronics runs inRiver for great product information

Beijer Electronics logotype - inRiverA truly international company with roots in Swedish engineering, Beijer Electronics is a reliable partner in industrial automation and communication solutions, with control systems, drive solutions, visualization and industrial communication in the company portfolio. The company innovates and develops cutting-edge technology that brings customers greater efficiency and lower costs - wherever they are in the world, for just about any industry and any aspect of modern life. Beijer Electronics has about 700 employees, spread globally in Sweden, USA, China, and Taiwan.

Using inRiver's PIM platform as the new global hub for managing marketing descriptions, images and technical data on Beijer Electronics’s products, the company now has highly efficient and flexible system support and the tools for further developing product information for local market adaptations, and making the products selectable on industry, e.g. Oil and Gas, Marine etc.

”inRiver contains marketing texts, USPs, digital assets, technical data etc, and dynamically populates the product pages in Sitecore for the website” says Niclas Kristensson, Manager Market Communications, Beijer Electronics.

Read the full Success Story in the downloadable document.

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