inriver baxiBAXI ITALY, one of the leaders of the heating sector in Europe, has a proud tradition in developing and producing boilers and heating systems to the highest technological standards. For over 30 years BAXI ITALY has provided a wide range of cutting-edge solutions, anticipating market evolutions with particular attention to customer needs.

Baxi Italy is a company that dates its roots back in 1925 when the Austrian family Westen established Smalterie Metallurgiche Venete plant, one of the biggest plant for the production of enamelled products as electric water-heaters, bathtubs and steel radiators. By the end of the 70’s, the company focused its production on heating sector becoming one of the first plants to introduce gas domestic products with the production of wall-hung boilers at the same time with gas network development. By mid 80’s, the company keep performing brilliant results consolidating its presence on the domestic area; then the expansion toward foreign markets started. In 1999 entered the BAXI GROUP, European leader in heating sector. In 2009 De Dietrich Remeha Group and Baxi Group announce the creation of BDR Thermea.