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Which ones apply to your company? Select the goals that matter

Minimize the costly impact of returns on your business

Faster time to market means selling more products

Improve processes, reduce errors and beat competitors

One of the top reasons for product returns is inaccurate product information. Does this sound familiar?
  • Incomplete or missing product data
  • Missing image, wrong or poor quality images
  • Insufficient product details – specifications, 3D renderings, weight, size
What would a significant reduction in returns mean to your business?
How long does it take to prepare all your product information when launching a new product line?
  • Images
  • Product data
  • Product descriptions in different languages or channels
Imagine if you can go to market much faster than you do now.

Are you hoping to optimize operational efficiencies while increasing productivity? Do you struggle with:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Eliminating duplicate work
  • Reducing manual tasks
  • Having too many low-value activities (managing excel spreadsheets or localizing content)
  • Relying on third party resources to enrich your product information
  • Constant copying and pasting

Find out how automating these activities can result in up to 50% savings

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ROI Calculator

Breaking down the ROI of PIM

How will a product information management (PIM) solution deliver both a quantitative and qualitative ROI?