What Roles Do AI, Robotics, and PIM Play in E-Commerce?

Explore how inRiver partner Solteq helps customers integrate innovative technologies for real results

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic machinery are revolutionizing the way e-commerce is conducted in 2019. From automated merchandising to faster time to market, robots and AI are simplifying the experience for both retailers and consumers. With this in mind, the question to ask is how does PIM play into this innovation and what value does it deliver?

And how can companies use PIM to further optimize their technological transition?

Spend on AI and IoT

In the latest PIMtalk, our host, Thomas Sjoberg is joined by Jussi Rumbin  and  Milla Matilainen  from  Solteq and the trio digs into these questions. The team explores how the Nordic IT provider has used PIM and complementary technologies to give clients a true competitive advantage utilizing these powerful solutions.

“Everyone is interested in this topic is because the world is changing around us,” Matilainen said. “Different types of services are now available from robotics and they’re also useful for creating more personal advertisements that really drive consumers and bring them back to our clients.”

PIMtalk guests Jussi Rumbin and Milla Matilainen from Solteq

Want to learn more about PIM, AI, and robotic technology and how it’s changing the way e-commerce teams sell? Listen to the full PIMtalk episode here.

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Erika Goldwater, CIPP

Erika Goldwater is the director of global communications for inRiver. An industry veteran, Erika lives and breathes B2B marketing, content, public relations, and data privacy. She's a Boston marketer who hails from Baltimore.