Want to Increase Sales? Add Video Content to your Product Information

Paula Poukka, Chief Customer Officer at Videoly, explains why video is has been, and will continue to be, such a big driver of sales conversions.

Video as a marketing medium is not going away. The importance of video as part of a marketing strategy continues to increase as its effectiveness in driving conversions increases. What impact does video content have in educating, connecting, and ultimately, driving conversions? A great deal.

In fact, “84% of consumers felt convinced enough to buy a product after watching a brand video about it,” according to Wipster.

increase video sales

The role of video as part of product content in e-commerce cannot be ignored. Why is video an essential component of product content or selling online? It’s informational. It delivers information quickly and it is easier for humans to process video than written word. We process visual information at a significantly faster rate (60,000 times) than written information according to Paula Poukka, Chief Customer Officer at Videoly.

What is even more impressive about videoViewers also retain almost 100% of a message when watching a video versus only 10% with text.

Another reason why video is so effective when used in e-commerce today is that it helps creation an emotional connection with the buyer. In video, consumers can see facial expressions, hear tone of voice, and as a result, generate an emotional response. There are two main types of video content. Think about video in terms of brand-driven content and user-generated content.

Brand-driven content is often inspirational and lifestyle-focused. While user-generated content often delivers how-to information or “unboxing” to show what a product really looks like or how to use it. Both are effective and lend brand authenticity. Videos help consumers connected with a brand, learn how to use a product, or help increase customer experience.

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