The E-Commerce Ecosystem: Live at PIMpoint Summit

The ins and outs of e-commerce are complex. Find out what you need to do to drive success at PIMpoint Summit.

The e-commerce ecosystem today is complex, ever-changing, and involves technology partners, suppliers, marketers, developers, and product managers. And then some. How can teams and organizations get the most out of their technology investments and maximize the skills, people, and processes that drive results?

It takes work. A lot of work and a lot of new ideas. Learning best practices and embracing new concepts to leverage technology, people, and processes is the only way to stay ahead of the competition, and meet consumer demands. inRiver has been building product information management (PIM) solutions since 2007 and has seen the total transformation of how e-commerce teams use product data in our omnichannel world.

Product Information Drives Conversions

Product information is no longer a nice-to-have asset, stored in Excel spread sheets and scattered across laptops and thumb drives. Product information IS your product. It’s what helps consumers find your product, learn about your product, and ultimately, buy your product. It’s the way in which brands bring products to life and can make or break the customer experience for consumers and partners in marketplaces, online, or in-store.

The number of channels B2B buyers use today continues to expand, brands cannot afford to not be omnichannel.

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Building the Community

inRiver is hosting the world’s largest product information management (PIM) event April 4-5 in Malmö, Sweden. The event, PIMpoint Summit 2019, offers something for everyone in the e-commerce ecosystem to learn from or gain insights into. The event features leading brands, industry experts, and the practioners who are stitching together the digital marketing and e-commerce applications that drive results.

The strength of PIMpoint Summit is that it is a gathering of a carefully curated community of experts, who collectively power some of the world’s best brands. These inRiver partners and community members manage everything from data, digital marketing, print, e-commerce, and PIM systems. These are the marketers that make the concept of omnichannel marketing a reality.


What can you look forward to? Sessions delve into topics including customer experience, AI, video, and optimizing time-to-market. There is a hackathon and after-parties. Speakers include keynotes from Andreas Ekström, Bryan Eisenberg, Robin Teigland, and other thought-leaders in the field.

Sessions at PIMpoint19 include case studies from the following brands:
·     Cartier
·     Johnson Controls
·     Clas Ohlson
·     AxFlow
·     COOP Norge
·     Alfa Laval
·     Axbeautyhouse

Tracks focus on verticals:
·     Construction
·     Retail
·     Manufacturing

The exhibit hall showcases the inRiver community. Spend time with partners like Geta, Avensia, BIMobject, and others who can show you how to build an e-commerce ecosystem, develop a unique connector for specific needs, or help you drive more revenue.

The event is where learning starts for e-commerce teams. The e-commerce ecosystem never stops evolving, just like consumer needs are always in flux. Join us at PIMpoint19 and experience what the world’s largest PIM event is all about.

It’s learning, it’s inspiration, and it’s community. Book your seat today before we sell out. See you in Malmö!

Written by

Erika Goldwater, CIPP

Erika Goldwater is the director of global communications for inRiver. An industry veteran, Erika lives and breathes B2B marketing, content, public relations, and data privacy. She's a Boston marketer who hails from Baltimore.