Take Control of Your Google Shopping Product Information

B2B buyers make informed purchases, and will continue to increase. According to Google, the value of physical goods ordered via digital channels is expected to grow another 15% in 2017.

Although online shopping has continued to increase in both frequency and dollars year over year, it still only makes up about 10% of B2B sales transactions. However, online shopping influences many more transactions, even in B2B buying. B2B buyers want to make informed purchases with the least amount of friction possible—a trend that is illustrated by the increase in ratings and reviews, price and feature comparisons, and shipping options offered on B2B eCommerce sites.

B2B online shopping and purchasing will continue to increase; according to Google, the value of physical goods ordered via digital channels is expected to grow another 15% in 2017. With more than 100 billion searches per month originating on Google’s search engines, the company is instrumental in connecting brands and consumers. Your e-commerce presence on Google Shopping is critical, because many product searches originate on google.com.

Google Manufacturer Center for Better Product Information

inRiver is partnering with Google to make it easier and more effective for our manufacturing customers to take advantage of the nascent Google Manufacturer Center (GMC). inRiver strives to enable enterprises to enrich product information so that they can tell perfect product stories, regardless of sales channel.

Google furthers this campaign for complete and accurate product information through the GMC. As the manufacturer of products, you have the deepest knowledge of your products and should be the ultimate authority on what information is displayed across your sales channels and throughout the buyer journey. Together with Google, inRiver can help you influence the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the product information that is being syndicated to Google Shopping.

What’s In It For You

inRiver manufacturing customers, such as TOPS Products, are already taking advantage of the many benefits of the GMC—relevant searches based on key words, authority over syndicated product information, and comprehensive (and free!) analytics. And it is even easier to leverage this tool through the GMC Connector from inRiver, which “auto-magically” maps inRiver fields to GMC fields. Learn more about inRiver Syndicate here.

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