Meet Your Digital Commerce Objectives

Digital commerce enterprises, both B2B and B2C must have strategies and tactics that help provide a stellar customer experience Join us on April 20, 2017 for a webinar where we introduce these concepts.

In the world of digital commerce, “customer experience” has become the buzz word, or buzz phrase, of the day. Digital commerce enterprises—whether B2B or B2C—want to provide their customers with the best possible online buying experience.

By 2020, companies expect that customer experience will be more important than price and product offerings as the key method of differentiating their brand. This is not really all that surprising, considering that buyers have shown that they will pay a premium for convenience and that they can be brand agnostic if they find the right product.

Getting buyers to find your product quickly through compelling product content and targeted personalization are the keys to e-commerce success. In fact, one study revealed that 70% of respondents indicated that customer identification or personalization of customer experience is a leading priority for 2017.

The question is: How do you create a great customer experience?

inRiver has teamed up with two of our most valuable and most experienced partners to try to answer that question. We are collaborating with Episerver and Rightpoint on the strategies and tactics that can help you provide a stellar customer experience each and every time. Join us on Thursday, April 20, 2017 for a complimentary webinar where we introduce these concepts.

At this online event, we will cover a number of topics, such as:

  • What are the key elements that you need to have for a superior customer experience?
  • How can you build the right team for e-commerce success?
  • What tools and strategies do you need to meet your business objectives?

In addition, we will discuss how to create great product content to use in your personalization efforts. Last, we will highlight some great real-world examples that show how your B2B and B2C peers are creating great customer experiences.

You know that customer experience is one goal of your e-commerce initiatives. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the tools and strategies to meet your e-commerce goals.

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Kathryn Zwack, Senior Content Marketing Manager, inRiver Inc