Tips for Managing Your Product Catalog—Your Customers Will Thank You!

Tips for Managing Your Product Catalog—Your Customers Will Thank You!

Providing a stellar online customer experience is what sets successful e-commerce efforts apart from more mediocre efforts. Gartner has predicted that, within a few short years, 89% of businesses will compete based on their ability to provide an exceptional customer experience. We have all heard that Millennial business buyers often buy online and prefer that medium to dealing with sales reps. But have you also heard that more B2B buyers begin their product search on sites where they find a broad product selection, but often end their search and make their purchases where they find the best product information?

Managing Your Product Catalog

Here at inRiver, we feel that product information that is findable, correct, relevant, consistent, contextual and desirable contributes significantly to delivering an exceptional customer experience—for both B2C and B2B enterprises. In our latest white paper, Managing Your Product Catalog, we talk more about what each of these terms means.

In this white paper, we discuss some of the most difficult challenges that organizations face when managing product data and content and distributing it out to multiple channels. We take you through five key steps of managing your product information to get it ready for your online store, your distributors and retailers, or your print catalog.

Step 1: Get organized

Step 2: Get the basics in place

Step 3: Enrich product data with additional information

Step 4: Optimize for SEO and search

Step 5: Establish an effective workflow and process

In addition, we provide several real-world case studies that illustrate this approach and the benefits that can be achieved. You will learn from companies like ITW, Primeau Velo, and the Varner Group about their challenges and strategies with respect to digital commerce.

Last, we highlight how inRiver and our Product Marketing Cloud PIM solution can support you in your product information and digital commerce initiatives.  Download our white paper to benefit from inRiver’s experience in product information management.

Kathryn Zwack, Senior Content Marketing Manager, inRiver

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