Making a List of Keywords and Checking it Twice

Christine Welky outlines why mobile technology is making it easy for shoppers this Christmas. Are you optimized and ready?

Omnichannel marketing and the extensive use of mobile technology has made it easy for anyone to browse and buy products with the tap of a finger. Consumers are skipping crowded shopping malls and heading online for their holiday shopping. Approximately 57 percent of consumers this season chose to shop online when searching for the perfect holiday gift.

Understanding how to bring consumers to your online shop through campaigns, promotions, accurate product descriptions, and content that uses the right keywords and phrases is essential for business growth. Not surprisingly, Google is the most popular search engine and captures close to 85% of mobile traffic, however, most shoppers start with Amazon.

PIM keyword checking imagePIM keyword checking imagePIM keyword checking image

According to a recent CBS News report, consumers are expected to spend about 4.1 percent more this holiday season than last. They are also expected to shop through their mobile devices to find the best deal. Holiday shopping is well underway, but is your holiday keyword strategy optimized?

Google Adwords has made it easy for businesses to drive web traffic using their search engine optimization (SEO) service to drive potential buyers via keywords. To optimize effectiveness, promotions run through Google can display which keywords are performing better than others. Research conducted by Volume Nine through found which keyword phrases are essential to use this holiday season.

People often “window shop” through SEO and the holidays are the perfect time to turn these browsers into buyers.  Here are the most commonly used phrases this holiday season:

  1. Top 10 Christmas gifts for dad in 2018
  2. 10 best holiday photo gifts
  3. Best selling books for 2018 gift giving
  4. Top 12 trending gifts for tween girls
  5. This year’s top 20 gifts for toddlers
  6. The best Christmas gifts for men in 2018
  7. Top gift ideas for women in 2018
  8. Popular gifts for 10 year old girls
  9. Gift guide for grandparents
  10. 2018 holiday gift guide for college students
  11. 2018 kids gift wish list by age

Although holidays are a time for giving, they are also a time for deals. Many shoppers are on a budget so finding a deal and the perfect gift during the holidays is the best of both worlds. Consumers on a budget use these important keywords:

  1. Cheap Christmas gifts
  2. Secret Santa gifts under $5
  3. Inexpensive hostess gifts
  4. Twenty gifts under $20
  5. Christmas gifts on a budget
  6. Inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers

Oftentimes people give gifts to impress, which means not everyone is looking for a deal. Luxury gifts need to also be considered when thinking about relevant keywords:

  1. Luxury baby gifts
  2. Luxury corporate gifts
  3. Luxury gift ideas
  4. Gifts for rich people
  5. Extravagant Christmas gifts
  6. Gifts with style
  7. Expensive gifts for men
  8. Luxury gifts for her
  9. Upscale gifts

Promotional offers are not only a way to generate more revenue for businesses, but they can also increase conversions on product pages when done correctly. Use promotional keywords related to holiday gift shopping discounts to target those looking to save money, such as:

  1. Gifts with free shipping
  2. Guaranteed delivery by Dec 23
  3. Expedited shipping for gifts
  4. Makeup Christmas clearance sale
  5. Holiday gift discount code
  6. Last minute holiday deals on gifts
  7. Free gift wrapping
  8. Email gift certificates
  9. Gifts with no payment until January

When picking out the correct keywords this holiday season take into consideration what worked and did not work in 2017. Keep the top-performing keywords and ditch the ones that did not drive conversions. Remember: your target audience needs to be considered first when choosing the proper keywords for your business or brand. Stay relevant and customer-centric across all channels and look to optimize everything, starting with keywords.

Want to learn more about how to create content that converts? Watch the webinar: Killer Content and Context: What Work to Drive Conversions on Product Pages.


About the Author:

Christina Welky is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a concentration in marketing and communication. She generates marketing content that drives conversations.

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