Giving Thanks to the inRiver Community

Carol Moriello led a session of the inRiver community and really got to grips with how it works and why it matters. If you’ve been thinking about joining then there’s never been a better time.

Few things are better than community. At inRiver, our community extends globally from Sweden, where the company was founded, to Germany, to the UK, to our US headquarters in Illinois, and to customers in Asia and Australia. Community is where you find and make connections, share similar interests and needs, and advocate for a common cause.

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There are as many reasons for a brand to build or facilitate a community, as there are to join one. For some organizations building a brand community is about selling more products. For others it is about fueling engagement, or driving awareness. Others focus on education. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand what motivates people to participate in your community.

Motivations include:

  • Belonging – Fundamentally, people want to connect with others that share similar passions or interests. Harley-Davidson and Lego have legendary communities that are built on passion, shared interests and learning. These commonalities provide a sense of belonging.
  • Recognition – This means achieving a level of validation of concepts or ideas shared within the community. Think about the strength of the Apple community or other technology companies that celebrate the different ways users solve challenges with their products.
  • Inspiration – Innovation and inspiration come in many different forms. Communities help encourage members to think differently by sharing new ideas or concepts. When others share their success or failures, it helps inspire others.

Whatever the reason for the community, for it to be successful and serve its purpose, it has to serve its people. Brands that build communities need to understand the needs of their members. That is what gives a brand community power.

According to Getting Brand Communities Right by Harvard Business Review, “People are more interested in the social links that come from brand affiliations than in the brands themselves.”

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The inRiver community is you and us together.  It is a tightly woven group of partners, customers, thought leaders, and teams who help inspire and educate each other. The inRiver community is focused on helping build world-class marketers, e-commerce, merchandising, PIM, and customer experience professionals in all of their endeavors. Thank you being part of this vibrant community and helping us all to grow.

We are better together. Let’s continue to build the global community at PIMpoint Summit in April. Until then, remember we are thankful for you.


About the Author

Carol Moriello has been working at growing technology companies for over 12 years with the last 5 years focused on Product Information Management at inRiver. She has worked closely with eCommerce and Marketing professionals to understand the challenges that exist in today’s multi-channel world where customer experience is key.  She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, International Business, and Finance from Augustana College.