Building a Business Case for PIM – Six Steps to Success

Discover the six steps needed to manage product information more effectively and showcase the value PIM delivers.

Product information management (PIM) isn’t top of mind for every e-commerce or merchandising professional. However, it will be soon. As organizations focus on delivering omnichannel experiences for their customers, the importance of accurate, contextual, and relevant product information becomes the foundation of positive commerce experiences. It also becomes a key driver for revenue growth and success.

PIM solutions help teams streamline the processes that are essential for marketing and selling products. Although that is true, there is more to a PIM solution than that. Building a business case for purchasing an enterprise SaaS solution based solely on the value of streamlining processes, will likely not work. Streamlining processes is expected in transformative solutions like PIM, it not the main driver. Solutions today are purchased for their ability to deliver strategic value, to drive business transformation, or to impact revenue.

The Value of PIM

Modern, flexible, and scalable PIM solutions deliver all of the above. The right solution drives positive customer experiences, revenue growth, and yes, efficiency too. PIM solutions solve some of the biggest challenges e-commerce teams face today.

business case drivers
Image via Ventana Research Building Business Case for PIM

The analysts at Ventana Research have outlined the six steps needed to build a business case for PIM. This guide helps both end-users and executives advocating the purchase of a PIM to showcase the value of this powerful solution

Why PIM?

Anyone seeking to integrate a PIM solution into their e-commerce stack needs to show the strategic value PIM delivers to an organization. Building a better customer experience and revenue growth are business objectives that span departments. As a result, they are not the sole responsibilities of marketing, product management, or e-commerce teams. PIM solutions help break down silos to enable better collaboration so that real transformation can occur.

Download “Building a Business Case for PIM” to help learn more about the value PIM solutions bring to an organization. Gather the information you need to build your unique business case for PIM in six steps. It’s worth the read.

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Erika Goldwater, CIPP

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