AND THAT’S A WRAP! PIMpoint Summit 2018

PIMpoint Summit has secured the title as the largest, must-attend Product experience management (PXM) event in the world – with a focus on Product Information Management (PIM).

Another PIMpoint Summit has come and gone, and with a sold-out event of over 700 attendees, it is now the largest Product Information Management (PIM) event in the world.

PIMpoint has proven to be the must-attend product experience management (PXM) of the year. Bringing together industry leaders from all over the world for two-days full of insights, networking, and inspiration, attendees were able to gain actionable tips and tricks that they could start immediately utilizing in their digital initiatives.

PIMpoint Summit 2018 recap

The event opened with an introduction to inRiver’s CEO, Thor Johnson, who thanked all customers and partners, as inRiver is what is today because of them. He shared his contact details with all and invited them to reach out with feedback and suggestions for continued collaboration to make inRiver even better than what it is today. Later in the day, the audience heard from the new CTO, Eric Waller, who is bringing his abundance of experience in software engineering, architecture, and strategy to help inRiver reach new strategies. Tantalizing everyone with a product roadmap that included some notable features, the Contribute app and Syndication App with new AI features in the future, and more solutions to make it even easier to tell product stories in an omnichannel world.

Introducing the Ted-talk style panel discussions at PIMpoint Summit 2018, attendees were able to learn from industry peers with a focus on key topics such as content onboarding, content creation, and content syndication. Insights were gained on how to combat challenges and roadblocks in each of these areas contend how to drive success in digital transformation initiatives from renowned inRiver customers, L’Oréal, KICKS, Holland & Barret, ELLOS group, Össur, and Videoly.

Here are just a few great quotes from the show:

“Those who utilize the inRiver Content Store vs the old way of passing files via shared folder save about 3-4 days”, said Eva O’Reilly, Nordic E-commerce Technology Manager at L’Oréal.

“As a designer, it takes 400 design hours to keep my master catalog up to date [before inRiver]”, remarked Elsa Kristín Guðbergsdóttir, Director of Master Data Management & Marta Tripp, Branding and Communication Project Manager, at Össur.

“We are visual creatures, we process visual information much faster than text – 60,000x faster”, explained Nora Huovila, Co-Founder, Business Development, at Videoly.

Ösur explained how PIM is the foundational building block to base to build their commerce processes: “PIM was our holy grail! It is the foundation we are building our product story on!”, said Elsa Kristín Guðbergsdóttir, Director of Master Data Management & Marta Tripp, Branding and Communication Project Manager.

To get a play-by-play of each session at PIMpoint Summit 2018, check out the blog post from inRiver’s partner, Consid. 

It would be wrong not to share the value gained from PIMpoint Summit, and so it is making its way to Chicago in the fall of 2018!

PIMpoint Summit Americas, will be held in Chicago on October 4, 2018. If you missed the opportunity to attend PIMpoint Summit in Malmö, be sure to book the date in your calendar! The Americans event will build on the unique character and experience of PIMpoint, and will be another opportunity to gain valuable insights meet with other inRiver customers and partners.

For more details on PIMpoint Summit Americas and to register, visit the event website