3 Ways Partners Deliver Value and Build Community

The strength of inRiver is based on a vibrant partner community of experts.

Partners, community, customers, and value. This week we host our sixth annual PIMpoint Summit in Malmö, Sweden. The sold-out event showcases the growth of the vibrant global partner ecosystem and the community of experts that make inRiver unique. The ecosystem includes partners in the services industry from system integrators and digital transformation agencies, to complementary technology vendors.

Strategic partnerships are usually formed to create a competitive advantage for the partners, as well as their customers, in their respective markets. inRiver was founded with a partner-friendly mindset and a partner-centric strategy from the very beginning. A rising tide lifts all boats and we are stronger together as a result of these partnerships.

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What are some customer benefits of a thriving Partner ecosystem?

1.    Unparalleled domain and industry expertise.

The inRiver partner community includes experts in the retail, manufacturing, and distribution industries.  Partners have delivered countless solutions from e-commerce to content management within these domains and beyond. Partners can help identify and document an organization’s unique business requirements and build out the recommended technology solutions to meeting those requirements. Partnerships enable growth, scale, and much more according to a recent article in Inc.

Beware of the software vendor that has little to no partner ecosystem surrounding and supporting it. If considering implementing a PIM solution, be sure to select a vendor that has plenty of certified resources in the community to help accomplish business requirements. Too often, software vendors try to become the catch-all for everything from implementation to integration. This is a mistake. No one vendor can be an expert in every implementation, in every vertical, across all platforms. Partners offer expertise and specific knowledge that enhance offerings. If there is no partner community, it might be a red flag that a software vendor is not very widely known or adopted within an industry.

2.    Partners are a jack of all trades & master of many

In addition to providing deep industry and domain expertise, inRiver system integrator and agency partners can provide guidance beyond the scope of implementation. Expertise in enterprise integration, digital experience strategy, content strategy, and search engine optimization are a few examples. The success of an omnichannel business today demands that your partner is agile enough to adapt to meet changing business requirements and customer demands.

Implementing product information management (PIM) solutions requires technical implementation, as well as significant change management and user adoption within an organization. Many of our partners provide consulting around organizational change management to ensure a comprehensive strategy is in place.

Large enterprise-wide engagements mean people, process, and technology must be aligned for success.
inRiver partners are a key contributor to the inRiver Service Center, a collaborative online support community for both customers and partners. The community is further strengthened by inRiver Champions, highly trained experts in delivery, configuration, and development of PIM solutions.

3. Extending PIM through technology integration and add-ons.

At inRiver, we refer to our Technology Alliances as Value-Add Partners. Value-add partners extend the solution through technology integrations, extensions, or connectors to other best-of-breed platforms. If you’re attending PIMpoint Summit this week, be sure to visit our partner in the partner pavilion. Explore various vendors including translations technologies, digital asset management, print experts, and e-commerce platform providers. Discover how inRiver integrates with these complementary solutions.

Not at PIMpoint Summit this week? Follow the activity via #PIMpoint2019. Looking for a partner? A full directory of the inRiver Partner ecosystem is here. Any questions, please reach out to the global alliance team for assistance. We are proud of the vibrant partner ecosystem and community of experts that makes inRiver unique.

Diane Schmidt is the Director of Strategic Alliances for inRiver North America.  She has over 20 years’ experience building alliance programs and driving alliance partnerships for software vendors specializing in content management and product information management.

Written by

Erika Goldwater, CIPP

Erika Goldwater is the director of global communications for inRiver. An industry veteran, Erika lives and breathes B2B marketing, content, public relations, and data privacy. She's a Boston marketer who hails from Baltimore.