3 Resolutions for E-Commerce Customers

Time for a New Year’s resolution? We think the watchwords for 2019 will be “quality”, “context” and “experience”. Find out why.

The last week of the year is often a time for reflection, both personally and professionally, and more often that not, resolutions are made. Marketers in the e-commerce world think about so many aspects of marketing, merchandising, and customer experience daily, it is hard to think of resolutions to set the stage for a better 2019.

ecommerce resolutions imageecommerce resolutions imageecommerce resolutions image

Here are our top three resolutions:

1. Quality over quantity:

Too often marketers try to create more, do more, and end up producing content that isn’t high quality. It’s tempting to give into every ask from a sales team or other content requests without thinking of the broader strategy and mapping back to the original content plan.

Quality matters to the consumer. Don’t rush to produce a product description or image that isn’t exactly as it needs to be. Take the time to translate or localize, resize for a specific channel or medium, or personalize if possible. We produce so much content, but studies show typically 5% of content accounts for 90% of customer engagement. Focus on what works and leave the rest.

2. Context matters:

Context is what makes a great piece of content or image relevant to your buyer. Content needs context or the consumer will not feel emotionally connected or engaged.

A picture of a boat or a car is fine as part of a bigger campaign, but show a family waterskiing off the boat or road tripping down a sunny country road and voila – you have context. This goes for just about anything including furniture (shop the room), fashion (shop the look), or tool set (unboxing video). Context engages and connects the buyer and the biggest bonus? Context drives conversions.

3. Customer experience for the win:

Marketing teams work diligently to create omnichannel experiences, amazing promotions, and everything in-between. However, the best e-commerce marketers know if the focus is not customer-centric, the likelihood of true engagement is low.

A predictions post from 2018 in MarTech Advisor said, “Price is out. Experience is in.” And this is very true. The top e-commerce performers in 2019 will offer the best customer experience across the board. This means consistent product information, seamless online and off-line buying, and easy access to anything needed to make a purchase. Social commerce is here to stay. Buyers want simple and streamlined, so make sure you provide both every step of the buying journey.

While 2019 is not going to be dramatically different than 2018, e-commerce is always evolving. Organizations that don’t focus on delivering exceptional customer experience, quality, and context for their buyers may not make to 2020.

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