inRiver and FatStax Align to Give Field Sales Reps a Better Connection to the Home Base


inRiver and FatStax have today announced a strategic partnership to help organizations increase sales with unparalleled access to enriched product information both online and in the field. The forthcoming technology partnership will bring together the best of inRiver’s cross-channel product information management and enrichment solutions with FatStax’s advanced mobile sales app capabilities. Together, the partnership will empower marketers to work smarter and help their companies sell more products.

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In their research derived from working with thousands of field sales reps across numerous companies, FatStax determined that field sales reps are often using outdated product information and are unaware that newer material exists. In addition, field sales reps receive marketing materials through multiple channels making it difficult for them to stay organized. Although these reps are commonly the most customer-facing agents of the company, they are often lacking the critical information about current product offerings.

“FatStax provides a platform that will enable inRiver customers to furnish the most current information to their field reps in an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate mobile solution,” commented Joe Golemba, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Channel Sales & Expert Services at inRiver. “Field reps will now benefit from all the hard work coming from the marketing and product teams. With inRiver product information available on the FatStax platform, reps’ mobile devices will act like a second brain, helping them gain credibility with their prospects.”

“The InRiver/FatStax partnership will provide our joint customers with the ability to quickly and easily get the most up-to-date product information into the hands of even the most remote and disconnected sales reps, regardless of where they are across the globe,” stated Rusty Bishop, PhD, CEO, Co-founder, FatStax.

About FatStax

FatStax, LLC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Rusty Bishop and Mark Walker to keep field sales teams up-to-date with the latest critical product information they need to engage productively with their prospects and customers. By creating and selling user-friendly and powerful mobile sales enablement software tools for distributed sales teams, FatStax helps enterprise-size companies stay ahead of their competitors. Learn more at



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