SkiStar selects inRiver PIM for product information excellence


SkiStar ShopSkiStar AB, the owner and operator of alpine destinations in Sweden and Norway, and seller of alpine sports equipment, has selected inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for smooth management of their product information for their ski stores and web shop.

With over 3500 products, and most products coming in several colors, SkiStar opted to launch a new web shop with inRiver PIM as the base for handling all their product-related data. Aiming for excellent product information to their customers in all their sales channels, SkiStar decided they needed a central place they could manage their product range in an agile way, while still integrating to their backend systems and connecting to all their channels.

“Our product range is seasonal and changes radically a few times a year. We needed a good system support for being able to handle the import and enrichment of large quantities of product data in a short time frame. We also needed to be able to update product data quickly in one place, so that both our web shop and our stores always have the most recent and correct information about our products at all times. But most of all, we needed a system that would work for both our e-commerce and in-store checkout.

We looked at a few PIM systems, but inRiver PIM suited us best. Our provider Ninetech also recommend the solution. We noted that the software is very flexible, easy to integrate to surrounding systems, has a powerful search function for selection of products, and has a user interface that is easy to use. We went live with the e-commerce and inRiver PIM combination about 4 weeks ago with our web shop, and we are satisfied with it” says Joakim Landgård, E-commerce Manager, SkiStar AB.

“We are extremely pleased to support SkiStar in their work with their product information. SkiStar and Ninetech have really done a great job with setting up well-working processes and integrations, shaping SkiStar’s product information work in a productive and efficient way so that it works smoothly with all systems and sales channels” says Lars Lindberg, Key Account Manager, inRiver.

About SkiStar AB: SkiStar owns and operates alpine destinations in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden, and Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. The company’s vision is to create memorable winter experiences as the leading operator of European alpine destinations. SkiStar also owns and manages alpine sports equipment stores on location and a web shop. Read more about SkiStar: See SkiStar’s web shop


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