Piab goes for dynamic product information with inRiver PIM


PiabPiab, a global developer and manufacturer of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors and suction cups for automated material handling and factory automation processes, has chosen inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for making their product information more dynamic and easier to handle in multiple languages.

Piab recently decided they wanted a more dynamic approach to their product information and take their information work, e-catalog and handling of 12 languages to the next level. Looking for a solution that would give them the speed and flexibility they were looking for, Piab did about 6 months of research before they decided for inRiver PIM.

We wanted to structure our information better, but also reach a more dynamic way of working with our product information for our information channels - especially our e-catalog. Our current solution is too rigid, so we wanted something more agile and flexible that is suited to our way of working and has great support for languages. We selected inRiver PIM, because inRiver has a clear focus on PIM that gives us a system that is easy to use and suited for our product information work, has good process support, enables us to gain working speed, and makes product comparison much simpler for us and our customers.” says Häla El Sheemy Washbrook, VP Marketing and Communication, Piab.

“We are very pleased that we will soon see Piab manage their information work in an agile way for their innovative range of vacuum solutions. Working with 12 languages can be challenging enough, so we are proud to be providing Piab with a solution to handle the challenge in a structured way”, says Lars Lindberg, Key Account Manager, inRiver.


About Piab: Piab was founded in 1951, and designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users. Piab is a global company delivering solutions to many of the world’s largest manufacturers. The company has its headquarters in Sweden, with subsidiaries and over 1000 distributors in more than 50 countries. Read more about Piab on www.piab.com

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