Dormy chooses inRiver for powerful PIM


DormyDormy Golf and Fashion AB, the Swedish golf equipment retailer, chooses inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for powerful management of their product information for their brick-and-mortar stores and web shop.

Aiming to provide a great customer experience that leads to great golfing, and wanting to provide their customers with the best possible product information, Dormy decided that they needed a dynamic tool for managing their product information. Wanting to work in a structured way with an efficient workflow, and have a systematic way of working with product texts and images, Dormy wanted a user-friendly system that would enable several people to work on the products in a parallel process.

“We looked at inRiver PIM from the start because we believed it to be the best solution for our needs, but we also did an analysis of other PIM systems. Considering the recommendation of our provider Ninetech, and the fact that well-known retailers also run inRiver PIM, we felt that we made the right choice, selecting inRiver. We want to have full control of our product information and be able to select data, structure it well, handle texts and images efficiently, and use the information in all channels. We want to use the product data for our ecommerce, but also for our intranet and as sales support and order management in our stores. We are doing the implementation of inRiver PIM right now, and will be live with the PIM solution just in time for the golfing season of 2015” says Anders Wall, CEO, Dormy Golf and Fashion AB.

“We are extremely pleased to provide Dormy with a flexible solution that gives them full control over their product information. Dormy and Ninetech are doing a great job with setting up well-working processes and integrations, and Dormy’s in-house capability to do their own website/web shop production is a great way to keep full control over their entire product range and product visibility” says Lars Lindberg, Key Account Manager, inRiver.


About Dormy Golf & Fashion AB: Dormy was founded in 1994, selling golf equipment in their hometown of Örebro, Sweden. Growing quickly with new stores around the country, Dormy decided to also launch ecommerce in 1999. Today, Dormy has a customer club with 240.000 members, owns 10 physical stores around Sweden, and runs a successful web shop. Read more about Dormy:


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