inRiver Champions Program

The inRiver Champions Program (ICP) celebrates and leverages the talent and ideas from the best product information management professionals within the inRiver partner community.


Meet the inRiver Champions


Goal of the Program

  • Increase partner and community commitment to inRiver
  • Improve and maintain partner and community knowledge
  • Build self-service access for partner community
  • Create partner sales network
  • Elevate branding and recognition for Champions industry-wide

Expectations of a Champion

  • Build peer-to-peer interaction and participate actively in inRiver community
  • Share knowledge with new inRiver community members
  • Collaborate and share insights with other champions
  • Engage with the ICP community — sharing ideas, successes, failures, vision, and end-customer feedback

Champion Qualifications

  • Demonstrate inRiver knowledge
  • Proven positive engagement and participation
  • Experience from inRiver implementations
  • Act as an inRiver PIM advocate

Benefits of Being a Champion

  • Recognition within the inRiver community and industry
  • Moderator privileges within inRiver community forums
  • Beta and early access to new functionality, insight into inRiver roadmaps, and admission to inRiver conferences and events
  • Opportunities to showcase knowledge and skills via industry publications, inRiver promotions, and speaking opportunities

Meet the inRiver Champions


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