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2024-05-30   14:00 – 17:30 CEST

Sana Customer Summit: Trails to Transformation

virtual event – Online

Discover the untapped potential of your Sana Commerce tool while learning to adapt to new legislations and foster a circular economy with Joakim Gavelin.

2024-06-04 – 2024-06-05  all day

Strategy Summit B2B Marketing & E-Commerce 

in-person event – Berlin, Germany

Join us for insights on omnichannel orchestration, digital lead generation, and sustainability—embark on a transformative digital journey.

2024-06-10 – 2024-06-12  all day

B2B Connect

in-person event – San Diego, CA, US

Join us at B2B Connect to collaborate with industry leaders, learn cutting-edge strategies, and discover how our PIM solution can revolutionize your business.

2024-06-13   09:30am CDT / 16:30 CEST

inriver demo webinar

webinar – online

Better product experiences in just 20 minutes! Discover the power of the most comprehensive PIM software on the market.

2024-06-13 – 2024-06-14  all day

PROKOM Data Days

in-person event – Düsseldorf, Germany

Join us for an event focused on PIM, product, omnichannel communication, and customer experience.

2024-06-17 – 2024-06-18  all day

MACH Three

in-person event – New York City, NY, US

Join us at MACH three. Don't miss your chance to revolutionize your digital shelf and maximize profits at every touchpoint.

2024-06-17 – 2024-06-19  all day

ASA Central Summit

in-person event – Kansas City, MO, US

Join the inriver team at the ASA Central Summit. Network with peers, attend educational sessions, and connect with colleagues from the PHCP-PVF sector.

2024-06-27 – 2024-06-28  all day

DAM Europe 2024

in-person event – London, United Kingdom

Join this two-day conference on Managing Digital Media to learn how PIM and DAM enhance sustainability, scalability, and customer experience.

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