October 25, 2022 | Press Releases

Inriver extends Digital Shelf Analytics capabilities with “Channel Insights”

inriver Channel Insights enables all users of inriver's product information management (PIM) solution to experience the power of digital shelf analytics via self-service functionalities available on their inriver dashboard.

MALMÖ and CHICAGO – 25 OCTOBER 2022 – Leading enterprise SaaS company inriver launches inriver Channel Insights – a new Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) capability. DSA capabilities are critical to success on the digital shelf, and inriver is at the forefront of building awareness and lowering barriers to adoption. With its freemium and paid subscription, inriver Channel Insights enables all users of inriver’s product information management (PIM) solution to experience the power of digital shelf analytics via self-service functionalities available on their inriver dashboard.

With ever-increasing revenue opportunities driven by digital commerce, a PIM solution that ‘closes the loop’ is a must. However, many PIMs offer only product syndication, a one-way flow that solely delivers content to channels and touchpoints. These PIMs do not allow users to monitor the performance of products online and close the loop by taking appropriate action. Many brands acknowledge the importance of digital shelf analytics, but they struggle to secure the budget to implement a full-scale DSA solution. By launching inriver Channel Insights, inriver aims to bridge that gap.

“Inriver Channel Insights changes the dynamics of DSA adoption. Our freemium version makes digital shelf analytics accessible to all our customers and forms a foundational step to demonstrate the business value of DSA”, explains Johan Boström, CPO at inriver. “As inriver Channel Insights complements our existing DSA solution, inriver Evaluate, they can be used independently or as a dynamic duo.”

Key features of inriver’s Channel Insights

  • A self-service solution providing closed-loop functionality within a single platform
  • At-a-glance view of category-level data about selected products – brand’s own or their competitors – across identified e-commerce sites that are pre-populated by the inriver data pool
  • Weekly updated category-level data, including visibility, out-of-stock, category rank, price overview, and ratings.
  • The inriver Channel Insights wizard lets users browse a collection of pre-loaded products and select a chosen number of SKUs and channels to monitor. The wizard allows users to switch out SKUs or channels as often as they want, in line with their subscription level.

Using the category-level, data-driven guidance provided by inriver Channel Insights, customers can refine and adapt content and drive marketing activities. They can enhance product stories, optimize their syndication strategy, and assess the viability of new e-commerce sites.

With this launch, inriver customers can now access the many benefits of digital shelf analytics through two complementary, in-built DSA capabilities: inriver Channel Insights and inriver Evaluate. While inriver Evaluate offers a deep dive into content audits for PIM-managed products, Channel Insights is designed for those with a curious mind. Users can focus on a new combination of products and channels every week, offering endless possibilities to learn more about products, channels, and competitors.

Disclaimer: This press release talks about inriver Channel Insights as a separate capability. As of January 2024, all of inriver’s digital shelf analytics technology falls under inriver Evaluate.

About inriver

Inriver empowers organizations to deliver revenue-driving product information at every touchpoint. Inriver’s Digital-first PIM™ enables organizations to bring compelling product stories to life for highly customized purchases, obtain actionable guidance on what influences buying decisions, and quickly adapt to put insights into action. Inriver helps B2B and B2C organizations turn product information into strategic assets to drive revenue for over 1,600 brands and 700 customers globally. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, inriver has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Davao, London, Manila, Munich, and Stockholm. For more information, visit www.inriver.com.

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