May 18, 2021 | Press Releases

First product information management with integrated digital shelf analytics solution available to solve e-commerce challenges

Inriver helps digital commerce scale easily and improve conversions proactively.

CHICAGO, May 18, 2021– inriver, the solution that empowers organizations to deliver revenue-driving product information management (PIM) across every customer touchpoint, launches a best-in-class solution that brings much needed insights to PIM users. Keeping pace with changing market conditions is a daunting task, especially with manual processes or disconnected systems. inRiver’s integrated digital shelf analytics is now part of PIM, giving users the data and insights needed to maximize conversions and avoid lost revenue opportunities caused by common product content issues like invisible listings, content lacking compliance, stockouts, and more.

inriver introduces their Digital-first PIM™ with integrated digital shelf analytics called Evaluate.

“The rate of change and scale of the digital shelf has accelerated the need for a PIM solution with integrated digital shelf analytics,” said Johan Boström, co-founder and chief product officer, inriver. “Our customers want to control the product experience online with optimized product content that drives revenue. inriver Evaluate solves that in one cohesive, scalable solution.”

This solution helps solve the revenue gap that stand-alone solutions cannot offer. Today’s CMOs and channel managers need to closely monitor and react to changes on the digital shelf at scale. Evaluate provides a cohesive solution with a feedback loop that ensures brands can create an iterative approach for content development from creation to enrichment, to syndication, and back to enrichment in one solution.

Why organizations need digital shelf analytics integrated into PIM:

  • Single platform to streamline PIM and DSA functionality
  • Actionable insights to proactively identify and optimize product content performance across all touchpoints and channels
  • Simplified dashboards to monitor and win on the digital shelf
  • Maximize efficiency and scale to improve conversions
  • SaaS solution built on Microsoft Azure for optimal agility, performance, and security

“Integrating PIM with digital shelf analytics is essential for organizations to optimize digital commerce,” said Joakim Gavelin, CEO and co-founder, Detail Online, an inriver company. “The insights and proactive action available via Evaluate will be a game-changer for any brand selling online.”

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