March 18, 2021 | Press Releases

inriver community launches to drive innovation and empower users

The online hub will connect the entire inriver ecosystem

(March 18, 2021) – inriver, a solution that empowers organizations to deliver revenue-driving product information management (PIM) across every customer touchpoint, today launched inriver community, a hub to drive knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation within the inriver ecosystem.

The world of e-commerce and marketing has changed dramatically over the last year. Teams across industries are innovating faster than ever to meet buyer demands and optimize revenue growth via inriver and the connected ecosystem. The community provides a vibrant hub to foster ideas, learnings, collaboration and provides a truly connected community of users.

“The launch of the community means that inriver can bring different types of customers, partners, and users together to collaborate and engage in one central hub,” said Nicky Lilja, knowledge and community manager, inriver. “The most successful and innovative SaaS companies have built communities to help enable their ecosystem.

The value of the inriver community:

• Central hub for inriver product information, support, and training
• Knowledge sharing for customers, partners, and inriverians
• Real-time collaboration functionality
• Integrated, in-product access to inriver support
• A PIM network for the 24,000 plus inriver users

“The launch of the community is part of the broader Services strategy to help others driving digital transformations with a ‘digital-first’ approach,” said Maria Bolmstedt, vice president, global services, inriver. “This is a key element for customer success as we will provide in-product access for faster and more accessible methods of support for our customers.”

inriver has a large partner network, a fast-growing customer base, and global teams that drive innovation. Learn more about inriver.



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