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Deploy the original product
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Use channel disruption to your advantage

"This phenomenon of removing intermediaries in the supply chain is called disintermediation. Simply put, disintermediation eliminates intermediaries whose cost to service has become greater than the value they provide."

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Bid farewell to spreadsheet purgatory and information silos.

"To create a stellar customer experience in a highly competitive, fast-moving digital commerce world, a product always needs to tell the most compelling story—completely on its own."

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Go to market faster

"If your products are on store shelves or in online webshops ahead of your competitors, you have a leg up on the competition. And deploying the right Product Information Management (PIM) tool can increase your speed to market." 

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Hear From Our Customers

“We have experienced all the positive benefits of having a PIM. Whereas we used to keep a lot of data in spreadsheets and had conflicts among those spreadsheets, now we have all the data in a system that is specifically designed to manage the data content.”

– Julie Schmitt, Ecommerce Marketing Analyst, TOPS Products

“By implementing inRiver, we were able to collect all that product data in one place and also collect all the related material to be able to expose that whole package in an innovative way.”

– Outi Eskelinen, Marketing Manager, Teknos

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Ensure your brand message is consistent across your sales channels


Stay relevant with your channel partners and customers


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