Lunch & Learn: The Seven Deadly Digital Sins of Manufacturers and Distributors

Lunch and Learn - inRiver and NtaraWhere: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC
When: June 21, 11 am - 1 pm Eastern

Sin. A word used for thousands of years to connotate a negative and quite serious act. But sin permeates deeper than a religious construct. At its most basic level, sin denotes a serious shortcoming or separative conduct. Manufacturers and distributors are not immune. Organizations within these industries commit destructive behaviors that can sabotage digital best practices, creating challenges across the value chain that create tension for commerce giants. Digital agency and Platinum Partner Ntara along with inRiver are leveraging their combined digital expertise to offer manufacturers and distributors simple ways to combat “The Seven Deadly Digital Sins.”

During the luncheon we will discuss:

  • The theme of “sin” in the manufacturing and distribution industries
  • The “Seven Deadly Digital Sins” committed in each industry and how it impacts the commerce landscape
  • Changing B2B and B2C trends and how to cope
  • How to activate a digital transformation in an organization

You’ll leave the interactive luncheon with a renewed understanding of the digital landscape for your business, as well as an action plan to address the deadly sins your business is currently committing.

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